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SPINNER Automation

TTC series

Simultaneous Turning Center with productive Robot Automation


  • Parallel processing through twin turrets
  • Each turret can work on both spindles
  • Customized automation solutions with fully integrated robot
  • No restriction of access by the robot
  • Additional processes can be integrated
    (Measuring, marking, deburring and cleaning,...)
  • Fast workpiece changeover times
  • Variety of work piece supply and retrieval
    (Conveyors, pallets, bowlfeeder,...)
  • Barfeeder in combination with single part handling possible
  • Ideal for the flexible production of large quantities
  • Compact footprint, as robot is integrated in machine
  • Machine and automation can be transported at a time
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • The entry-level machine with fully automated parallel processing




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