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SPINNER Automation

PD - Series

Ultra precision lathes for micro - and hard metal machining

More than 3,000 delivered machines for a variety of applications in precision mechanics, optics, electronics, watches - and jewelry industries, automotive applications and for machining hardened workpieces as an alternative to grinding operations.


  • Precision in µm range
  • Hard machining > 60 HRC as an alternative to grinding operations
  • Process stability to the smallest tolerances
  • Customized automation solutions with robots
  • Machine and Automation from a single source
  • No restriction of access by the robot
  • Additional anciliary processes can be integrated 
    (Measuring, marking, deburring and cleaning,...)
  • Fast workpiece changeover times
  • Variety of work piece supply and retrieval 
    (Conveyors, pallets, etc,...)
  • Ideal for the flexible production of medium to large quantities
  • Compact footprint, as robots integrated within the machines
  • Machine and automation can be transported as a single unit


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