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SPINNER Automation



Our specialists have devised a solution for a customer in North Rhine-Westphalia which is as cost-effective as it is spacesaving.

The customer's requirement was a compact system in which honing, turning and grinding processes were to be integrated. Furthermore this system should also be automated. The costeffective SB with linear tool design was selected for the machining.

Particular features: Permanent operation!

  • Workpiece changing: Two grippers on the machine carriage provide the feed of parts to the clamping device, as well as the discharge of the parts from the clamping device.
  • Workpiece provision: The workpieces are separated and fed to the machine via a rail.
  • Expansion of autonomy: A conveyor belt is attached to the machine in order to provide a high degree of autonomy for the system. This can be used to feed the workpieces into the rail if required

Particular features: High surface quality and precision!

  • Grinding: High frequency spindle with sealing air
  • Sensor polling to avoid collisions
  • Compact design of the turning tool
  • Honing: Honing stylus for interior surface, held in a sprung floating chuck
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