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SPINNER Automation



We developed a combination of grinding, milling, cleaning and measuring for our customers. Along with the high process accuracy the customer placed very high requirements on the autonomy of the system. A exciting task for which our technicians developed a package of smart solutions:

  • Automatic feeding via pallet stacker system
  • The blank is screwed into the spindle for machining - incl. torque monitoring
  • HF spindles on the linear carriage - one for vertical processes, one for horizontal processes and one for adjustable angle processes
  • An additional side milling cutter on the linear carriage, in order to slot the workpiece
  • Function of the slots will be monitored: The emergence of cooling lubricant through the slots will be detected via sensors
  • Unscrewing of the workpieces
  • Air blasting of the workpieces
  • Measurement in optical shaft measuring station: The measured values are then transferred to the control system and an adaptation of the program is implemented if necessary
  • Parts within tolerance are set down on the pallet, faulty parts in the NOK gate.

The system is also equipped with some additional features for support and for quality assurance:

  • The covering of the machine interior with bellows protects the guides from grinding dust and swarf
  • The HF spindles are permanently acoustically monitored for wear through a cooling lubricant stream by means of structure-borne noise and trued if necessary
  • The external preparation of cooling lubricant via a belt filter assures the quality of the coolant.
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