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SPINNER Automation


We do not see ourselves as a traditional supplier, but as your partner. Together we will continue to develop your business.

Here in our company we work differently, so that we are able to respond flexibly to all the demands that come from our customer. In other words, we work simply and flexibly, at eyelevel and in a team. We promote a team spirit in a structure that manages without restrictive barriers and rigid processes and in which every single specialist can make his maximum contribution.

Flexible and target-oriented

For us, this also means that you - as a customer - are part of our team. Often it is difficult to specify all project requirements in detail in advance. Through our working methods, we are able to jointly adapt the solution in the development process to meet your exact requirements.
In this way, we create the pre-requisites for responding to all emerging challenges in a flexible and target-oriented manner.

We congratulate

With your automation system you have made an important step into the future. Complicated processes will be made automatically in the future.
At the same time, employees who were previously bound to the plant during the process gain free capacity. Creativity, innovation and intuition - these are the abilities that only humans possess and can never be replaced by machines. Exactly this great potential is now available to you and is smart to involve.

Your chance

Our experience has shown that undreamt-of opportunities arise when we take along the employees - the people with all their talent and skills - and their participation in the design process. After all, the human strengths are crucial when it comes to mutual success.

The Plus

  • Retain and develop professionals
  • A pleasant working environment as a fertile ground for outstanding performance
  • Be attractive to potential applicants
  • Improve profitability and increase efficiency

And now?

  • Talk to us for more information
  • Get a taste of the practice day
  • We accompany you in the design in your company
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